5th Arcadia Cup Tournament ends today

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I missed this one last weekend, thanks to The Stinger Report for pointing me to it.

The Tougeki Super Battle Opera is opening the festivities for its 5th Arcadia Cup Tournament in Japan this weekend. Arcadia is the largest public based amusement title, with a dedicated following of the latest in amusement gaming.


Here’s the basic schedule for this weekend from the tournament’s official website:

August 11th
Soul Calibur III
Arcade Edition
Virtua Fighter 5
Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection

August 12th
King of Fighters ’98
Hyper Street Fighter II Anniversary Edition
Street Fighter III Third Strike

August 13th
Arcana Heart Full
Melty Blood Act Cadenza Ver. B
Guilty Gear Accent Core

It ends today but it sounds like it was a great competition.  We need more competitions like this in the States but many arcade operators (at least in every arcade I have ever visited) seem oblivious to such good ideas.

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