Maximum Tune 3, Namco Bandai's first global launch

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In the gaming world it seems that the best launches are always global ones. Game consoles are starting to perfect the art now and arcade manufacturers seem to be getting the same idea. I’m just happy to see players across the globe getting the same chance to play games as opposed to seeing one group sit on their hands waiting for months on end. In reading the press release I almost get a feeling that they are already targeting GlobalVR’s NASCAR title which has been slowly building up the hype as going to be a huge title. Hey, the more the merrier – now they just to start one-upping each other on genres other than racers, fighters and light-gun games. Hit the post break for the full press release.

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Maximum Tune 3: Namco Bandai’s first global launch


Maximum Tune 3 has become the first game to be launched by Namco Bandai simultaneously across the globe, designed to attract casual and dedicated players alike. The third installment in the customizable street racing driving series continues to dominate machine charts the world over.

A key development encouraging greater degrees of competition is the new ‘Ghost Car Battle Mode’ allowing players to challenge other players even when they aren’t present.

The game offers players further choice with new ‘streetwise’ cars, new tracks and a selection of enhanced playing modes.

‘Story Mode’ has been given a plethora of new twists and turns, whilst challenging players to tune their vehicles up to a hair-raising 820bhp.

The new ‘Ghost Car Battle Mode’ lets players challenge other players even when they aren’t present.

‘VS Player Mode’ allows the race leader to determine the course route at selected intersections, effectively growing the number of course variations to 100.

‘Battle Mode’ also gets a boost, with up to 10 playing positions linkable.

‘Time Attack Mode’ players who manage to defeat the fastest driver in each stage will be crowned king of the course.

Due to the increased game detail and greater number of customizable options, the magnetic player’s cards will be capable of storing up to three times as much data as those of the game’s predecessor. And players with valid Maximum Tune 2 cards will be able to import and upgrade key features of their Story Mode status, including stages cleared, mileage, car colour, tuning status and number of battles/wins accrued previously.

John Brennan, Product Manager at Namco Europe, commented: “Maximum Tune has remained at the top of the income charts for any driving game over a period of more than 24 months. Whilst the first and second incarnations remain great games in their own right, the increased opportunities for greater player interaction make Maximum Tune 3 a sure-fire hit for the 2007-08 season.”

Officially launched in August, Maximum Tune 3 will begin shipping in September and is available as a Standard 28” model and a four-player Superdeluxe unit.

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