Arcade Style ID Bracelets

Twisted Supreme September 11, 2007 0


Now these are great, but I’d have to buy three. I don’t know why but I’ve always rotated between 3 different sets initials, don’t ask why.

[via Gearfuse]

“Those of you who remember patrolling the game arcades will remember the method of high score ranking on arcade game machines. You’d put in your three initials, or whatever three letters you used as a tag. Surprisingly enough, the letter ranking was one thing I had a hard time figuring out, which meant my initials always came out as “AAA”.

These Video Game ID Bracelets from Etsy are a geek-chic way to advertise your gaming prowess on the arcade floor. Just specify your favorite game character and your initials and a custom ID bracelet will be on its way to you. Available for $18 each.”

[Buy @ Etsy] 

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