Spotted at the 45th AM Show – Vulcan Wars

Shaggy September 15, 2007 0


No, there is not a new video game is coming out that showcases the ancient wars of the planet Vulcan (sorry Trekkies).  In fact a new title from Atlus looks like a new version ofvwars2.jpg Gunblade or Atlus’ answer to games like Let’s Go Jungle or Paradise Lost. There isn’t much to say about the game at this point as you will learn about as much about it from the screenshot above as I know, but if this is marketed overseas it would certainly have an audience waiting for it.  

Update: Here’s another pic I just found that is a little closer up to the screen. It still doesn’t tell us much – I wonder if you’re a gunner aboard a helicopter gunship, it certainly appears that way with the mounted chainguns (which look really cool IMHO). [Photo credit]


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