Atari Games 20th Anniversary Videos

Shaggy September 18, 2007 0

Digital Press has posted some arcade related videos up on youtube, including a tape made only for internal distribution at Atari Games. It’s a nice look at the history of Atari’s arcade legacy, although you’ll notice that the actors they got to play the games from back in the 70’s are not dressed at all for the part, instead reflecting the styles of the time the tape was made in 92. They also talk about Atari Games like it was only one company, not really pointing out that it used to be until it was split up after Warner sold Atari to the Tramiels in ’84. Either way there is some footage here for several games that I’ve never seen in action and for an Atari geek like myself it’s really cool. Some other interesting bits include some talk about Tengen, the fact that in the early 80’s the game industry made over $8 billion a year, surpassing movies and music (it’s funny how I’ve read something similar on some other gaming blogs but they act like the industry has never done that before – I guess the writers grew up in the late 80’s, after the crash). There also is an interview with Nolan Bushell. Just watch it for yourselves 😉
Part 1

Part 2

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