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This is a depressing bit of news. A while back AH poster Metafox revealed an incredible new game that was headed to arcades known as The Act which took the original promises of an interactive movie game and turned it into a reality(Games like Dragon’s Lair were more memorization games than real interactive ones). It was the most original game I had seen hit the arcade scene in years and it was the kind of game I would love to have at my arcade.

In taking a look at the website of The Act’s creator’s, Cecropia, I noticed quite a change in not only the look of the site, but of the content as well. Now instead of developing coin-op games such as the Act, their focus is now on creating Flash-based Personality games, similar to The Act. I e-mailed Omar Khudari, CEO of Cecropia about this and he stated that it was to Cecropia’s dismay that the Act is not being released as a coin-op product. “Sadly, “The Act” will not get distribution as a coin-operated product, because the economics just did not make sense.” He also stated that they enjoyed working with the coin-op industry and that while they won’t be working with it again”for a while” (which could leave the door open for an attempt in the future) they are currently working on their next production. We wish Cecropia the best of luck outside of the coin-op industry – hopefully they’ll able to get to a point where it can work out for them to make coin-op games, the industry could certainly use these kind of fresh ideas to make it stronger.

[Cecropia Website] [Discuss on the Forum]


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    Found this in great shape and in working order. Very funny to play and certainly worth the price they ask. (It’s .50 cents per play.)

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