LightSpace Features New Pricing, More Games

Shaggy October 15, 2007 0


I can’t believe that I overlooked this as I have been quite interested in the idea of LightSpace in the arcade, I have even talked with the company about purchasing one. There is a press release from September 27th from LightSpace Corp., discussing new pricing and new software for the platform that was demonstrated at the Fun Expo a couple of weeks ago. While we don’t know any details about the games nor the new price point, this news should make it a little more attractive for operators to take a look at it.

LightSpace has also added on some new people to their team, including Anthony Maniscalco who has worked for both Sega Amusements USA and GlobalVR, bringing a good level of experience to the company.  It should be interesting to see what in-roads LightSpace will make in the coin-op industry.

[LightSpace Press Release @ Yahoo Finance] [LightSpace Webpage] [Discuss on the Forum]

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  1. Tommy March 24, 2009 at 7:11 pm - Reply

    Great website here! Guys, the Lightspace Play Floor and Wall system are one of our top 2 selling products on our website becasue they offer so much!

    The Lightspace Play is an amazing product that can handle about 6 kids ever 203 minutes and I think it would be amzing in an arcade format!

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