More price drops on games

Shaggy October 19, 2007 0

While looking around some distributor websites, I noticed some further price drops on games. For example the Deluxe version of Aliens: Extermination is now only $8975 where before it had been $11k. This probably has to do with GlobalVR’s price drops although it took a little longer for it to happen on this game than some of the other games. I also am noticing some price differences on some Sega titles, including AfterBurner Climax and Ghost Squad Evolution and a slight drop on the House of The Dead 4 ; Taito’s Chase HQ 2 is also $700 cheaper, sitting @ $7050 on BHM Vending. I am not sure if this is just a seasonal sale or not, but it was at least present on two different distributor websites (BHM Vending and BMI Gaming). Looks like those waves that GlobalVR made are starting to have an effect across the board and I can’t be happier to see this happening as it will only lead to more game purchases and hopefully more arcades expanding or popping up and thus leading to more interest in the industry.

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