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Twisted Supreme October 23, 2007 0


Back in the day when one of my local pubs had a Big Buck Hunter, myself and a bunch of friends would be down there at least twice a week to try and better our highscores on the leaderboard. Then after about 6 months of really investing ourselves into the game and leaderboard they took the machine away! I will never forgive them and will never go in that pub again. This may sound petty, but the pub just wasn’t the same afterwards.

To my point then……

One of my friends (above), who has been traveling around the world and is currently in Cairns in Australia, had the best day of his trip so far when he came across a Big Buck Hunt in a bar he just happened to walk into. Forget about the safaris in Africa, the sky dives, and the bungee jumps. This really made his day, but made him a little homesick too. Most of all though, he was wishing I was there so he could whip me on a round of buck hunt!

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  1. Shaggy October 23, 2007 at 2:33 pm - Reply

    I know how you feel mate! A local arcade once had a BattleZone and I played that game more than all the new games they had and got pretty good at it. They took it away and it’s never been the same since.

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