80's Arcade game comeback

Shaggy November 3, 2007 1

OK, so this is about a year old but I just found out about it and it’s a good look at classic arcade games and the surge in retro gaming popularity (which continues to this day). I always cringe when I hear about something I like showing up on these news shows as sometimes they get certain important things wrong but it seems that they got it right with this report (well minus the part the reporter comes along and calls a Pac-Man machine a Ms. Pac-Man machine even though the marquee is right in front of him; and also them picking a 9 year old video game whiz who likes games like Halo more than Millipede). They even bring on two world record holders, including famous arcade gamer Billy Mitchell. Video posted by youtube user Godfree7, news via the KLOV forum, poster jsquared.

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