Recent Trend: Arcade modes and game consoles

Shaggy November 5, 2007 0

While looking around the blogosphere I just noticed that one popular game, Call of Duty 4 will have an “Arcade Mode” where you simply fight waves of enemies for a high score. This seems to follow a trend with other games beginning to include an arcade mode as a separate mode within the game. Another title that comes to mind is Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 for the Nintendo Wii.

Of course Arcade Modes in a console game is nothing new, they have been around for a long time although I haven’t seen many games use them for a few years now. It’s too bad that none of these console developers seem to consider actually releasing a real arcade game where the experience is far more genuine. I think it’s fine that console games are adding in arcade modes but it is an interesting trend that after years of story based games, focus is starting to move towards “arcade-style” gameplay – it’s fast, fun and replayable. However one has to wonder, if the arcade is totally dead, why all of the interest in arcade-style games? I thought gamers only wanted 60 hour action operas that features an intricate storyline that took years to create. I guess that isn’t the case but I can already see certain game magazines praising the inclusion of these game modes while ignoring new arcade titles that are hitting the amusement scene.

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