8 NASCAR cabs next to each other

Shaggy November 6, 2007 0


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I just dropped by the Cosmic Amusements website for the first time and I caught this scene, pictured above. Just thought it would be nice to share, in case anyone wanted to know what 8 deluxe NASCAR cabinets together looked liked. Just add two more on there for the total number of games that can be supported. The most cabinets I’ve ever played linked was up to four and that in itself can be quite a fun experience – I can imagine that 8 or 10 cabinets linked together on a game as fun as this (I did have a chance to play NASCAR the other day, I’ll post my impressions on that soon) would be a blast and a more entertaining experience than an online multiplayer match as you can see (and  give a good ribbing to)  your friends/opponents in the other seats.

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