Another new arcade fighter from Capcom – Fate: Unlimited Codes

Shaggy November 16, 2007 0


Just a day or two after hearing Capcom was going to increase it’s focus on it’s arcade locations comes news of a new fighter coming out of the the company known as Fate: Unlimited codes. From the gameplay video, it appears to follow along the lines of SooulCalibur, with 3D opponents facing each other with weapons and plenty of special effects to boot. Fate is being developed by Cavia, who recently developed Victorious Boxers on the Wii and Bullet Witch for the Xbox 360. Fate: Unlimited Codes is slated for a release in 2008 and we will keep our eyes open on an international release.

[Short video of Fate @ Famitsu]

[Via AM-NET] [Discuss on the Forum]

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