Square Enix 1st-half Net Profit up 32% thanks to arcades

Shaggy November 20, 2007 0

Software giant Square-Enix has announced that it’s net profit for April-September jumped up 32.5% and it’s not thanks so much to console games but arcade titles. As quoted by an article found on @ JCNNetwork, profit from Square-Enix games such as Final Fantasy XII dropped while it climbed up in arcades:

Despite solid sales of Final Fantasy XII software for Nitendo Co.’s <7974> Nintendo DS portable game machine, operating profit at the game business declined 3.8 pct due to falling software retail prices.

By contrast, the amusement arcade business turned around to a profit of 1,349 million yen from a loss of 328 million yen a year before, due to closures of unprofitable outlets.

Square Enix is another Japanese game company that owns a number of it’s own arcades and due to a plan similar to Capcom in restructuring it’s arcade business, it has turned a profit. Square Enix also has a few coin-op games of it’s own that it has created, including titles like Dragon Quest Swords (arcade) and most recently the popular Eternal Wheel.

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