Rare Shrike Avenger Cabinet on Ebay In Germany

Twisted Supreme November 21, 2007 0


One of readers tipped us off today of a very rare item now currently on sale on ebay. I honestly didn’t know too much about this game and cabinet and there doesn’t seem to be an abundance of info on the game and cabinet. Thankfully our tipster, Sara, gave us a couple of links

[Atari Museum]    [Killer List Of Videogames]

Sara writes……

This is a very rare Bally/Sente SAC II Cabinet. There was only one game made for the cabinet, Shrike Avenger. There were only 10-12 of these cabinets ever made. It was supposed to be a multi game cabinet but that never worked out. I have never even seen a photo of this cabinet outside of the one on the flyer, so this is the first. I was sure this cabinet did not survive this long, looks like it did.

Also below are the brochures for the cabinet and game.


Thanks Sara 🙂

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