Konami's Action Detective Heads to location test

Shaggy November 25, 2007 0


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Since I first heard about this a month or two ago I have been eager to find out more about Konami’s new 3D action beat ’em up title known as “Action Detective”. The game utilizes a new type of controller that doubles as a light gun and punching glove so the player will be able to shoot and punch enemies with ease. Action Detective is among the first games we can expect to see in 2008 that utilize new ideas based upon motion controls. Konami is no stranger to motion-controlled games – they released a series of ‘MoCap’ titles earlier this decade that used the technology, long before anyone knew what the Wii was. Konami will be testing Action Detective over the next week in Japan – hopefully it will do well and Konami will see it in their hearts to bring it over to Europe and the States. If it controls well then this is the sort of game that could do very well in an arcade although I imagine that people will start asking for a console port of the game in that event which as an operator I would hope doesn’t occur too soon so the arcade version could have time to make some money. Unfortunately the only screenshots I have seen so far of the game are tiny thumbnails so it appears that we will have to wait a little while to see anything of real substance on the game.

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