GameWorks Announces Half Price Holidays

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If you live anywhere near a GameWorks entertainment facility then this is good news for you. Gameworks has issued a press release detailing their half-off special for the holidays, where players can go and enjoy the games and simulators that Gameworks offers for half-off the normal price Monday-Friday. They also are offering a deal for anyone who registers their Replay Rewards cards with the company by sending them a game card in January and February (a $75 value).

Hit the post break to read the rest of the details of the release. I think it’s a great idea for arcades to have ‘sales’ of sorts, even for just a limited time. Offers like this spur more sales so it only makes sense to see something like this but sadly it’s rare that arcades seem to try this idea out. [Discuss on the Forum]


GLENDALE, Ca. – December 17, 2007 -­It’s holiday time, and GameWorks is in true giving mode. As part of the company’s new marketing program, “Half Price Holidays”, guests can play their choice of video games for half the price Monday through Friday- all day and all night. In addition, any guest who registers their Replay Rewards™ card online, or updates their Replay Rewards profile by December 30th will receive a special gift. GameWorks will send a special email in January with three free game cards to members who are new or update their profile- a 2-hour game card for each month- January, February and March. The game cards are valued at $75. In addition, the company will offer the infamous Cookie Crunch dessert for half price (only $2.95) Monday – Friday until December 30th. There will also be a daily half price food special for weary shoppers.

“Half Price Holidays is a great way to try out all the new games and attractions at GameWorks.” stated Pat Hart, Senior Vice President of Operations for GameWorks. “It’s a fantastic place to take the family while on winter break, and it gives shoppers a chance to enjoy great food and a fun break from hectic holiday shopping at a really amazing price.”

GameWorks is the total entertainment experience, consisting of a full-service restaurant, a high-energy bar and interactive games and attractions. Since its first location premiered in 1997, GameWorks has opened 14 venues throughout the United States. GameWorks is owned by Sega Entertainment USA, Inc. Online at .

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  1. SaraAB87 December 19, 2007 at 6:07 pm - Reply

    I have never been in a Gameworks but I hear bad things, pretty much all locations have permanently broken games, so this might be the only way to get people into the arcade. I would love to go to a Gameworks however pretty much everyone I have talked to who goes to Gameworks comes back with a story about how most games don’t work right.

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