Stern's Shrek Pinball

Shaggy January 23, 2008 0

This came as a surprise – while looking around some arcade websites, I discovered some information on Stern’s next new pinball machine – Shrek. It appears that this will see afamilyguyshrek_game.jpg very limited release, with only 250 units planned, unless demand suggests that more need to be made. The playfield will mimick the Family Guy pinball table, but feature new Shrek themed artwork, sound and dot matrix animations. No pictures yet exist of the pinball machine in it’s final state(yes the pictured pin is a bad fake), but we should see those soon. Why they are doing such a limited release based on the popular Shrek brand is a mystery but they must have their reasons. I guess if you don’t care for Family Guy and instead prefer Shrek then this is one way to go.

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