King Of Fighter XII @ AOU 2008?

Twisted Supreme February 5, 2008 0

Yet another game that we can look forward to seeing more of at AOU 2008 (Hopefully). As if Street Fighter wasn’t enough! You won’t hear me complaining though. Fingers crossed.

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AM-nethas updated its game profile for King of Fighters XII to include a presence at the AOU 2008 show later in February. Based on the information provided, it appears that the game won’t be seen in a playable form, but rather in a video presentation similar to how it was previously shown off at AOU 2007. SNK Playmore already has a fairly strong 2008 line-up consisting of its return to a 3D Samurai Spirits, King of Fighters Maximum Impact Regulation A2, and King of Fighters ’98, so whether or not King of Fighters XII is being planned for a 2008 is questionable at this point. It seems that 2009 may be a bit more in check with the company’s plans for the arcade industry.

Hopefully at AOU 2008 we’ll get at least a better idea of what we can expect from King of Fighters XII. Though I would love to see some in game video, I’m thinking that more than likely its probably going to be a teaser of sorts (hopefully better than the logo teaser we’ve previously seen).

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