So very close to opening my arcade

Shaggy February 6, 2008 0

I finally got some good news on my arcade this morning and because of it the ball will really start rolling now. Kmart, the owners of the strip mall I am going to open my arcade in, sent their pre-final offer to me today and if I sign off on it, the next step is the actual final contract. It might sound a little strange but they do this so that everything is hammered out before we both sign something that is binding. After this I will need to give them the cash for two months of rent (they are giving me the first 30 days free although a lot of that will be spent getting everything put together), I’ll get a key to the place and I can start remodeling the store to my liking.

It is going to need a bit of work – I will probably need some new carpet as what is there is a reddish/pink hue that won’t fit really well in an arcade setting; I think I’ll need to change the walls out as they aren’t flat but were made for hanging stuff from; I’ll need to add a front desk and then move the games in. Several of the games I’ll already own will need some work to get 100% working but that is not a problem; the only big problem will be getting a business license quickly so I can get my loan and buy up the new equipment to put in there.

I’ll keep you all posted and soon I’ll start a picture log of the progress. 🙂

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