Delta32 – new generic cabinet out of Japan (AOU 2008)

Shaggy February 14, 2008 0


Among the many new things we’ll be seeing out of Japan over the next few days, here is a new generic cabinet that is making it’s debut. Arcade cabinets in Japan have their own unique ‘flavor’ to them, lacking things such as side art but they are made as sit down cabinets that pretty much any game can go into. I wouldn’t mind seeing a few generic cabs here in the States if it meant that we’d see a little more content streaming into arcades – I also don’t have an issue with a cabinet that needs a chair to sit in so you can play it. Now there is a new generic cabinet set to hit Japanese arcades, likely as a replacement for those other ‘candy cabs’ that use a CRT. There aren’t any details about what kind of screen is used in the cabinet although it is thin and mostly likely is an LCD. Whether it’s an HD monitor like the Viewlix cabinet is unknown but who knows, you might see these imported to an arcade or two some months down the road.

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