Would you wait 90 minutes in line to play SFIV? (AOU 2008)

Shaggy February 16, 2008 0


Just a friendly reminder from us and The Stinger Report that if scenes like the one above means that the arcade scene is totally dead (even in Japan – my guess is Namco probably should have waited to announce their arcade closures until after AOU was done and see how things were going to go) then we must have fallen into a different dimension where dead means “people will wait an hour and a half to play an arcade game”. Street Fighter IV isn’t the only popular game at the show however, several other games have proven popular including a few other fighters such as BlazBlue, Basara X and Fate: Unlimited Codes. I also have a video from AM NET that shows the latest version of Virtua Fighter 5, that we’ll call VF5R.

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