SFIV video shows 2p cab, discusses US release

Shaggy March 1, 2008 3

There are plenty of videos out on the net about Street Fighter IV but I liked this one in particular – it’s the first time I’ve seen an SFIV cabinet that has controls for two players on one cabinet which is a relief – I was beginning to wonder if we would have two purchase to separate machines to allow for two player mode as until this video that is all I had seen. So this confirms 2 players per cabinet, shows off some of the new characters and discusses the US release a little bit. Video made and posted by EpilepticGaming.

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  1. editor March 1, 2008 at 12:30 pm - Reply

    Well this dose underline the way that Capcom USA are driving the marketing of the game – it still seems strange that the game goes to GDC, but the consumer games media tries to avoid direct comparisons with the re-birth of arcade interest.

    The Capcom USA interviewee is not very good in this video – we know from AOU the machine build in 60%, that the system is aimed for July and that the cabinet is to include a IC Card.

    The whole US situation is to now be confirmed at ASI this month – so wait for the next Stinger on the chossen distributor (or Arcade Heores)

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