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Twisted Supreme March 2, 2008 0

So we had some SF4 news, as always. We saw some interesting news about the possibility of a new Sega Rally coming our way and Shaggy put up a review of Rip Off for our reading pleasure. In fact Shaggy put up all but one of the posts this week, so big thanks to him for covering for me while I’ve been busy.

SFIV video shows 2p cab, discusses US released

LightSpace at IHRSA 2008

Play Value Redeems itself with new arcade video

Pricing for Blazing Angels and UFO Stomper

Sega testing new Sega Rally racer in UK arcades?

Tekken 6 – Artificial Shortage by Namco?

Shaggy’s Review: Rip Off by Cinematronics

Golden Tee to be featured at all Chicago Rush home games

Sega’s RaceTV and Primeval Hunt now available in the US

Even more Street Fighter IV News

King of Fighters XII English Trailer

76 “Mom and Pop” Japanese Game Centers

Play-On – arcade development system from Italy (w/ new arcade games)

Sega Europe launches Primeval Hunt Mini-Site

Battle Lines – Arcade Street Fighter IV Rocks GDC!

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