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Twisted Supreme March 18, 2008 0

So we had the usual kind of news this week; haunted arcade cabinets, Mexican wrestlers and a new pinball table from Stern. But most importantly we had some great news that Shaggy’s arcade is one more step closer to reality. The story brought messages of good luck, advice and some really interesting debate on the games that he could get for his arcade. Good luck Shaggy!

Next week my arcade makes its start

Awesome 3D arcade game art

Promises of arcade Street Fighter used to entice visitors to london show

CRT or LCD? A discussion about arcade monitors

First shots of Indiana Jones Pinball

Street Fighter IV’s new mexican wrestler

Shaggy’s Review: Blade Master by Irem

Income results on Japanese arcade games

Free haunted Ms Pac Man cabinet antone?

Big Buck Safari ready to go

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  1. SaraAB87 March 18, 2008 at 8:15 pm - Reply

    I just wanted to say that the stinger reports about disney quest were really awesome!

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