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Shaggy March 29, 2008 1

In addition to a few pictures I also managed to get some video footage from the ASI 2008 show floor. As mentioned in previous posts I have had some problems with my digital camera corrupting many files so unfortunately some videos aren’t loading into my computer and I can’t get them to work but I am looking into a workaround at salvaging a few.

Indiana Jones Pinball @ Stern’s booth – this is a lot of fun and it was quite popular.

GlobalVR’s Booth. 10 NASCAR games linked = good fun

Sega’s Booth. I forgot to mention in the video that with Primeval Hunt it is very easy to see the influence that the Wii has had on this game – the guns use some sort of motion sensing control (which I believe works most when the touch screen is deactivated) and it also has a small speaker in the butt of the gun. It’s cool but whatever they did made the gun weigh more than it should and by the time you’re finished with the game your arms are tired.

Click on the post break below for videos of Sea Wolf and UFO Stomper (I had them on the main page but too many videos seem to be causing loading problems for the site).

Coastal Amusement’s Sea Wolf – This was a lot of fun, I played it several times as it plays just like a classic game should but with some nice graphics and a cool cabinet. I would pick one up for my arcade if it cost less – $7000+ for this game is a little high if you use it as a video-only (as I would). Still, if you come across it at an arcade, it is hard to resist playing it.

Trio-Tech’s booth. I enjoyed UFO Stomper although it wears you out fast. The image projected on the floor gets slightly blurry at times but overall it’s good fun. (After the break as the video is so large that it was causing loading problems on the main site)

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  1. Brian Deuel April 7, 2008 at 9:19 pm - Reply

    I got to play both Primeval Hunt and Sea Wolf at Craig’s Cruisers this past weekend (and take a couple of crappy cellphone pics). Sea Wolf is a lot of fun, but I’d have to spend more time with Primeval Hunt to get used to the touchscreen. Besides its good looks, it just doesn’t seem that much different than any other lightgun shooter to me.

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