A Spy Hunter Homecoming

Shaggy April 8, 2008 0

For many of us that have played arcade games for years and years, there is probably a couple of machines that we created an attachment to as we would play them all the time. Personally there was a T-Mek at a local arcade that I had to play every time I passed by and it was a sad day when I went there and they had gotten rid of their T-Mek machine. The chances of coming across a game you enjoyed in your youth is rare but it can happen, as evidenced by a post over at StupidGamer.com where the writer talks about a Spy Hunter game he played in his youth that disappeared after the store where he played it at closed its doors. He sees a Spy Hunter arcade cabinet for sale in Vegas recently, places a bid and because he was camping in southern Utah (cool, he lives in my state) at the time, was already close by to go and pick it up after winning. As it turns out, it was the exact same game that he spent much of his weekends playing. What are the chances?

And while I’m thinking about it, it’s worth mentioning some websites. There is Stupidgamer of course which has had a couple of good arcade related posts over the past couple of days and one of the members of our forum, ArcadeTampa, has begun his own Japan game related blog called Japhei Blog which will include some arcade-related stuff on it I am sure. It’s always good to see more attention being brought to arcades!

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