Action Deka on test in the UK

Shaggy April 14, 2008 0

One game that Konami has been working on that I have been interested in is Action Deka (or Action Cop), which uses some controls that reminds one of the Wii for driving, beat ’em up, and shooting action all in one game. Like we’ve learned with the Wii, motion based controls like this can really be hit or miss, depending on how the developer goes with it. The game was fairly popular at AOU 2008 but until now it was unclear about when they would try the game out internationally to see how it fared on that scene. Well Konami Europe has brought the game to the UK and is currently on site at Action Tenpin and it will be there for some time to gauge interest in the game. I have high hopes for this one, we’ll see how it pans out.

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