Starting your own arcade (Part 2)

Shaggy May 2, 2008 0

(Click here for Part 1)

I haven’t had a lot of time to get to the second part of the Starting your own arcade discussion but I sat down this morning and put my thoughts down in the AH forum. It is a really long post and I won’t repeat it here but hopefully it is helpful and can generate further discussion that prospective operators will find helpful. I did repeat a little of what I talked about last time but I’ve gone into a lot more detail and basically condensed my whole experience into that post (yes there is even more than that but I had to get to a point where I was done for today 😛 ). I talk about what got me interested in arcades int he first place, about collecting games, about designing a business plan with some details on how I created the financial projections for it, a little bit about investing and capital, registering the business, dealing with the city, getting an SBA Loan and finding a location. Hopefully it’s a good read and if that’s not enough it also links to a thread on another forum that is about 25 pages long and covers my experiences over the past two years in getting this put together.

[Starting an arcade thread in the Arcade Heroes Forum]

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