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Raw Thrills and Play Mechanix continue to make the rounds with Big Buck Hunter Pro Online and Big Buck Safari by showing it to the media. The latest event in San Francisco brought in representatives from MTV, 1UP and Gamasutra and more to try out BBS. I haven’t seen any articles written by these organizations yet although 1UP’s Gamevideos site has a Big Buck Safari debut trailer that I hadn’t seen before. Either way it’s great that Raw Thrills is reaching out to media outlets to bring more attention to new arcade titles.

Speaking of Big Buck Safari, it looks like it is doing incredibly well in bars, earning around $400 a week average which is excellent as far as earnings go.

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Media in San Francisco Goes Wild On Safari

San Francisco, CA, May 14th, 2008 – The Bigfoot Lodge in San Francisco, CA was the site of a Safari on May 1st. Big Buck Safari and Big Buck Hunter Pro Online were the stars of the night as Betson Enterprises hosted another event that allowed press from all over the San Francisco area to come in and see the most talked about games in the Coin-Operated Industry.

Representatives from MTV, 1UP, Gamasutra and more bellied up to Safari and took their best shot at the latest title from Play Mechanix. As the press ventured deeper into the wilds of Africa, they experienced the thrill of the hunt as they tried to bring down Buffalo, Wildebeest, critters and of course the elusive trophy animals. Big Buck Hunter Pro Online was also featured to showcase all of the online additions, including Caribou, local and national tournaments and the groundbreaking Trophy Club.

“Everyone had a great time and since this was the second event in as many years, the press is starting to become dead-eye shots,” joked Betson’s Ryan Cravens. “It is great that we are able to get these great games in front of the gamer-centric media and in turn it gets people out of their homes and into their local watering holes”.

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