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Twisted Supreme June 5, 2008 0

So it’s been a while, but I’m back.  A lot has happen since my last post; I’ve moved house, been Internet-less for 2 months, WordPress has changed thier editing interface and a classic racing franchise has been brought back in to our lives!

First up I’d like to thank Shaggy and HeavyElectricity for updating the site with the latest news. Shaggy – your arcade is coming along a treat. HeavyElectricity and The Stinger Report – nice work on the Sega Rally scoop (our most hits ever in one day!) Also thanks to whoever has an unprotected wireless connection in my street. I’m currently using it to write this post while I wait for my connection to be sorted. 

So after so long out what do I pick as my first post? Well I saw this one on Kotaku via TheBBPSand I couldn’t resist. It’s got it all; retro roots, modern technology and a very familiar arcade style cabinet. Check this beauty out….

German designer Moritz Waldemeyer made this Pong Table for the elasticmind exhibit over at the Museum of Modern Art. It uses 2400 LEDs and two track pads to get the Pong Effect. Even doubles as a standard table when all the LEDs are off. Not a bad way to updated the retro classic.

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