"Caribounga!" – Play Mechanix hosting online tournament with BBHPro

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Fortunately it seems that not everyone on the development side of the industry thinks that it’s all down the tubes. Take Play Mechanix for example – not only have they created a very popular game, they hold constant competitions for it and they market the game far more aggressively than any other arcade title I know of. What does this do? It brings out the players, and in one case a man drove three hours to find a place that had an online version of BBHPro for a competition, as was the case with Mr. Steve Guenther who won the Big Buck Bowl last month.

Starting tomorrow another online tournament begins with Big Buck Hunter Online, the “Caribounga!” tournament. This means that anyone can participate in the competition, as long as they play on an online enabled unit. It goes until the 27th and 52 lucky players will walk away winners. Hit the post break for the full press release.

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Caribounga! The June Big Buck Hunter Pro Tournament Begins on June 7th

Glen Ellyn, IL, June 6th, 2008 – Play Mechanix has broken out the board shorts and the Sex Wax because the latest national tournament begins on Saturday June 7th. The “Caribounga” tournament will run from June 7th to June 27th with 52 winners walking away with over $2000.00 in prize winnings. “Caribounga” is the third nation-wide monthly tournament for the fast-growing Big Buck Hunter Pro Online and hundreds of more players are quickly signing up to compete.

The winner of May’s “Big Buck Bowl” tournament was Steve Guenther of Houston, TX, although he posted his winning score in San Antonio. Like last month’s winner, Guenther drove 3 hours from his home in Houston to the nearest on line machine in San Antonio. In the future, Guenther and the other hardcore fans can play a little closer to home now that Big Buck Hunter Pro Online is popping up all around the Houston area.

“The fact that we have players that are driving three hours each way with the high gas prices, just to play our game, is incredibly amazing” states Dave Snipes, the CoinUp manager for Play Mechanix. He continues “The player base for BBHP Online grew by 15% for the month of May and we are looking forward to seeing more players battle it out during the Caribounga event”.

If you have any questions about the CoinUp network, contact Dave Snipes at dsnipes@playmechanix.com or by phone at 630-942-1070 ext-131. Add the Big Buck Hunter Pro Online gadget to your iGoogle page by following this link http://www.google.com/ig/adde?moduleurl=http://hosting.gmodules.com/ig/gadgets/file/102704908103543895663/bbh-online-gadget.xml&source=imag

About Play Mechanix

George Petro, a former game designer for Midway Games founded Play Mechanix in 1995. In a little over a decade, Play Mechanix has created over 30 titles for the Arcade, Bar and Casino industries including the best-selling video hunting series Big Buck Hunter, Big Buck Safari, and Deal or No Deal. Play Mechanix is currently producing an on-line tournament system for use with Big Buck Hunter Pro and beyond. Play Mechanix recently merged with Raw Thrills.

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  1. Marcia Green May 7, 2009 at 3:30 am - Reply

    I play the big buck hunter pro at the Wal-Mart in Malvern, AR.

    At first the game was .50 then a guy came in and changed the price to play from .50 to $1.00.

    This is not fair. The game tells you to incert 50 cents then the game wants an additional 50 cents.

    Was this person suppose to change the price of the game to $1.00 to play?? Now the little kids can’t play because their parents want give them a dollar to play.

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