Management changes come to GlobalVR

Shaggy June 7, 2008 0

Last week the CEO of GlobalVR resigned from his position, citing personal reasons for the departure. Already the company has selected Ken Bayer and Patrick Imenson as the corporate heads to fill in for the departure and where they have been with the company for some time it looks as though things will continue to go along well with GVR.

But I find it interesting to note about exactly why the former CEO, Jim DeRose quit his position. After talking to a couple of sources familiar with the company but not in the company it looks as though it was really about tension between Jim and the investors not living up to their promises of providing extra capital so that GVR could expand their operations further, bringing us more games along with the lower pricing schemes that Jim helped instigate. Seeing how other companies have previously announced the amount of capital they have been putting into new projects this is really too bad for GVR and it sounds as though it was quite frustrating but we hope that whatever financial powers there are involved in the company will be more willing to help the company grow.  Personally I have been quite pleased as both an operator and a game player to see some of the changes brought about such as more affordable games and I hope to see that continue.

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