Raw Thrills' finally updates their website

Shaggy June 12, 2008 0

Well everyone else was doing it and finally after more than a year with nothing new Raw Thrills’ has done it too – updated their website. There isn’t anything new on the site that we didn’t know about already, just the addition of the F&F Tokyo Drift kit (which is pretty easy to install) and some pics & info about Big Buck Safari. But since this sort of thing is a rare occurrence, I figured I’d post about it.

Hopefully the next update will occur sometime soon as they do have a new game coming out next month that we reported about a short time ago – in case you missed it it’s called Nicktoons Knighttro, a kart racing game that uses Nickelodeon characters and from what I have been told will shake things up a bit when it’s  final price is announced. We also know that they have several other games being worked on at the moment but they are keeping their cards close and not letting anything spill out when it comes to new projects.

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