Video review: Shrek Pinball by Stern

Shaggy July 4, 2008 0

Here’s another video review and as I promised it’s Shrek Pinball by Stern. The table itself is based upon the same table as Family Guy but with new art and software for a different experience. It is a very entertaining game and while it hasn’t done as well as Indiana Jones pinball at my place, it still attracts people to it and I even have had one person want to buy it from me already but I’m not going to be giving it up anytime soon (in part because it was purchased by an investor and is not technically mine and even if it was I wouldn’t give it away, especially so soon). Anyways, here is the video via Vimeo, if you want it in HD you’ll have to go directly to the page or download the video in .MOV format (it’s only 267MB in size!). When I find the time I’ll be uploading Blazing Angels and The Act but I will probably have to put those on youtube as I’ve hit my upload ceiling on Vimeo for this week but no worries, I’ll get the HD versions up soon.

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