CastleVania: The Arcade Game

Shaggy July 23, 2008 0

Konami has tested out their new CastleVania: Arcade game in Japan and it is different than the ‘medal’ version I’ve seen on AM-Net – it’s an actual video game. It uses a cabinet similar to Konami’s Silent Hill arcade game and it even uses a whip-handle shaped motion controller and a type of enclose cabinet with drapes on each side. Unlike Silent Hill Arcade, this apparently has next generation graphics (no pictures yet) which was one gripe players had about SH.

From the impressions, the person who played it had a lot of fun and called it a “total blast”. Hopefully we can get some more information on this one shortly, along with screenshots and more, so stay tuned. It’s also notable that this is another motion controller game, we had heard that there would be more of these to come this year but I was starting to wonder as we hadn’t seen anything beyond Action Deka (also by Konami).

[CastleVania Arcade Impressions via Kotaku] [Discuss on the Forum]

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