Location test: DJ Max Technika

Shaggy August 17, 2008 1

[Thanks to Phil Ver0 on the forums, additional info via BemaniStyle and Ruliweb]

The creators of EZ2DJ are back with something new, and it’s already on location test. Known as DJ Max Technika, this is a dual screen touch based music game with three different game modes and more. At first glance it may sound like Konami’s Jubeat but when taking a closer look it seems that the games share a number of differences. For one, DJ Max Technika is single touch but also from BemaniStyle: “The screen is split into two sections horizontally. The notes appear on one half of the screen and remain stationary, while a “timing bar” scrolls across the screen from the left side. When the bar passes a note, you tap the note itself. When the bar reaches the end of the screen, it reappears on the bottom half of the screen scrolling from the right side.” When you see how it works in the videos you can see that it’s very different from something like Jubeat.

Also from the screenshots and video from RuliWeb, the cabinet is quite attractive and the background graphics consist of animation from different anime shows that I’m not personally familiar with.  The reports on the web indicate that it’s a fun game and it certainly looks like it in addition to being something a little different so we’ll have to see how it does once it’s released.

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