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Shaggy August 18, 2008 0

I know that a few of you are familiar with the arcade gaming forum known as Killercabs and as such you might also be familiar with the fact that it has been done for over a week and apparently it’s not coming back. Fortunately some members of the previous forum aren’t content to sit around and see what might happen, they made a new forum dedicated to pretty much the same thing. I hadn’t been a member of the Killercabs forum for long but I noticed that the people there were nice and were very knowledgable. In fact it’s because of the admin of ArcadeOtaku that I got the information I needed to get my hands on IGS’ Oriental Legend 2. While it’s dedicated a great deal to Japanese arcade gaming, I doubt they’d shun any arcade discussion so check it out.


Also I can’t remember if I posted this before and I’m in a hurry at the moment but one of our readers has a Japanese arcade blog of their own called Japhei Game Blog. If I posted about this before then no harm in repeating it again. 🙂

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