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Shaggy September 10, 2008 0

This is likely to be one of my last posts for the next couple of days as tomorrow morning I will be headed out to AMOA in Las Vegas. I have co-ordinated the trip with a game purchase so I get two birds with one stone – I just hope that the game will be worth it but I am hearing some good things about what to expect at the show. If anyone wants to meet up with me I shouldn’t be too hard to find – I’ll have a green shirt with an arcade on it and I’ll probably be taking pictures, video or just playing games. I do hope that I get to everything though, I will only have an hour or two tomorrow and four hours on Thursday if I’m lucky.

I will have one post after this – a new game announcement along with a new game company! I cannot post it until tomorrow morning but do check in for that!

Now for some rumors about the show: I have heard that SFIV *might* show up there. If so I don’t expect that I’ll have the time to play it as it will probably have a long line and I don’t have the luxury of time. While I was told not to expect much from Raw Thrills’ at the show, Betson (who Raw Thrills’ usually teams up with for these shows) has a very large booth and I heard that something big might be at the show. We’ll see – it would be nice to know what else it is that they are working on so I will know whether to save up for it or not.

I also heard that Stern Pinball might be showing off a new pinball at the show based on the movie Transformers. Apparently some pinball fans are talking about this but I haven’t heard anything until today so it will be interesting to see if that holds up.

I do expect to see Rambo and SR3 at the show since they have those two games on the Sega Amusements USa page. At the very least Sega has a larger booth at AMOA than they did at ASI. I also hope to catch a glimpse of the new title Get Outta My Face! and get a chance to try out NFS Carbon in dedicated form. At least I should be entertained for the short time I’ll be staying, I just wish that the show would stay open beyond 4pm.

I will be getting as much video as I can of the show but it will probably take me a few days to get it all posted and I won’t have internet access while in Vegas. Until then maybe I’ll catch you at the show!

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