Raw Thrills' @ AMOA 08 – Nicktoons Nitro, Big Buck Safari Online & Eugene Jarvis!

Shaggy September 12, 2008 0

Continuing with our AMOA ’08 coverage we’ll start with the first video game booth I saw at the show, Betson/Raw Thrills’. They had a spacious booth that was spearheaded by six Nicktoons Nitro games as you’ll see in the video below. I do like the game – it captures the kart racing feel perfectly, it has a subtle sense of humor, the graphics are pretty good (once again I did film the game with my HD camcorder but you wouldn’t know it after it goes through the Youtube filter) and I love the sound. They also had a number of Big Buck cabinets about – two Safari Deluxe cabs (currently scheduled for release on Oct. 1st), a couple of Hunter Pro Online cabs and eight BBSafari Online cabs. The Online upgrade is available now although the first tournament won’t be until November. Also thanks to Ryan at Betson I got some ‘schwag’ in the form of Big Buck Safari T-Shirts. I’ll be giving some of these away in some form (probably a competition) at my arcade, they are professionally done though. I had some great conversations with Ryan and he also introduced me to a number of people including Eugene Jarvis! We had a great conversation for a little while where we talked about arcade gaming in general as well as what RT is up to for the future. I look forward to talking with him more in the future. 🙂

I also talked with the people at Betson about finding a way to add a keypad to my Tokyo Drift’s. Since I got Crusin’ USA cabinets that don’t have that feature, I’d like to find a way to add it to the cabinets so players can keep track of their cars. I don’t have anything figured out yet but I’m going to be looking into it further. They also had a few cabinets with an LCD screen in the cabinet, which looked pretty nice. I noticed more LCD stuff at the show and I am thinking of getting one or two, if I can afford it.

Anyways, enough blabbling, here’s some video! First is Nicktoons Nitro, second is BBS Online.

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