Rumor: Raw Thrills' bringing 'American Idol' game to arcades

Shaggy October 7, 2008 0

The rumor mill is churning right now but we have another rumor to look at right now in regards to what you might see in the near future from Raw Thrills’. We posted the rumor about the Guitar Hero arcade the other day and when I contacted Raw Thrill’s about it they said: “We can neither confirm or deny any rumors in relation to Guitar Hero”.

Interestingly enough we have been contacted by a source wishing to remain anonymous where they suggest that another game that Raw Thrill’s is working on has something to do with American Idol and it’s a video game. This seems to suggest that it could be something along the lines of SingStar, Lips or the microphone role in Rock Band. American Idol is certainly a popular show and for arcades to have a handle on that could be pretty big. I wouldn’t be surprised that if true, this game could also get some pretty big marketing exposure in the next season of American Idol. I do trust this source, which is why I am giving this rumor some attention.  I decided to contact Raw Thrill’s about this American Idol rumor prior to posting and they could not confirm nor deny it at this point just like Guitar Hero but it’s certainly interesting to think about. Music games have always had a strong presence in arcades thanks to bemani titles but for an American developer to throw down the gauntlet is unusual. We’ll keep you posted of course but it looks like we’ll have to wait and see about the truthfulness of these rumors. At least IAAPA is only about a month away so we’ll see how this holds up.

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