SFIV console & arcade version shows up together at event & more.

Shaggy November 1, 2008 0

More SFIV goodness is out and about, first with a link to a video of SFIV producer Yoshinori Ono discussing the game (my gripe: he talks about how arcades in the Us & Europe are dead, as though SFIV could have no effect in helping recharge the the scene). Thanks to Juan for sending us this (can’t embed it here though so hit the link for it)

Second, Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report made it to EuroGamer Expo 2008 where the latest build of the console version of SFIV and the completed arcade version was located in the same area so players could not just catch a glimpse of the two but also play them. Kevin states: “The [console version of the] game is close to the original but not antialiased as suspected, and still not complete – arcade version proves a hit with players.” Either way, SFIV was a major success at the event, which by now is a common occurence.

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