Three Silver Strike Bowling players win big prizes in time for Thanksgiving

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This was meant to have been posted on Thanksgiving (last Thursday for the US) but I overlooked the mail then but figured that even though I’m almost a week late, it’s still worth posting. Despite the state of the gaswinnereconomy here and elsewhere, arcade companies continue to hold national online tournaments where players can win some pretty big prizes. This comes from Incredible Technologies in reference to the Silver Strike Bowling 2009 tourneys where “three average people became superstars for a day because they play Silver Strike Bowling”. The press release after the break contains the full story but they have recently awarded a total of $25,000 in prizes, which is nothing to sneeze at.

Silver Strike Bowling Sweepstakes Awards New Harley and $5,000 Gas and Best Buy Gift Cards

(November 26, 2008 – Arlington Heights, IL)  Anthony Novak of Lakewood Colorado is tooling around on a bbwinnernew Harley in the Mile High city.  Allison Hughes of Tomball Texas is enjoying the ultimate shopping spree at Best Buy.  And Jamie Sellers of Forest Lake Minnesota doesn’t really care anymore how much it costs to fill her tank.

What do these three seemingly disparate individuals, living thousands of miles apart, have in common?

They love Silver Strike Bowling and won the latest rounds of monthly mega-prize drawings.

$15,000 2008 Harley-Davidson

Anthony Novak plays his Silver Strike at the Rusty Bucket in Lakewood and looks forward to experiencing the American Rockies on an all-American machine.  “I can’t wait to ride this baby in the mountains – it’s going to be something!”

The Rusty Bucket’s operator, Donavan Stepp of Dano’s Games was very pleased to have a mega-winner.

“You never know when lightening is going to strike,” he said.  “It’s great that a regular like Tony wins.  It makes for a real feel-good story.”

Novak’s entry was chosen from a total pool of 1,123,111 entries.

$5,000 Best Buy Gift Card

Allison Hughes has only been playing Silver Strike for 3 or 4 months.  But during that time she’s developed such an affinity for the game that she sports a 180 average and gets together with friends to play every week.

”We love coming down to Bernie’s to play Silver Strike,” she said.  “It’s a great game that’s simple but challenging.  I never thought I’d win a big prize – maybe a $100 weekly prize – but not the big one.  It’s unbelievable!”

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Jim and Jeff Brame, co-owners of Pro Am Services in Cypress Texas, are the operators at Bernie’s.  They have 50 Silver Strike and Golden Tee games on their route.

“Silver Strike does very well for us and all our games are online,” said Jim Brame.  “We’re even  starting our own leagues December 1st and expect them to be a huge hit.  It’s great to have a big-time winner like Allison.  It’s good for business to be a part of all this positive publicity.”

Allison’s entry was drawn from a total pool of 1,416,936 entries.

$5,000 BP Gas Card

Jamie Sellers plays Silver Strike Bowling at least twice each week at Stella’s on 97 in Forest Lake Minnesota.  She loves the fact that you can check your stats with the 2009 edition.

“We run our own SSB tournaments all the time at Stella’s,” she said.  “And we’re very competitive.  Having our stats available makes it easy to say who’s the best.  I just can’t believe I won the gas card – but when I swiped my card my name popped right up!”

Jubilee Music of Centerville Minnesota is the operator for Stella’s on 97 and according to Jubilee owner Tom Suggs, it’s a great location.

“Stella’s has great food and a great clientele.  It’s a wonderful thing to have a winner like Jamie.  The local newspaper is even running a story on her winning.  My wife Linda and I are very happy for her.”

Jamie’s entry was chosen from a total pool of 1,081,426 entries.

Don Pesceone, Senior VP of Sales, says that it’s never too late to get online with Silver Strike.

“Our sweepstakes continues to generate the good will and the big earnings that operators need in these trying times,” he said.  “And remember, there are another 30 players every month who each win $100.  Get online today and find out what all the excitement is about.  Your players and locations will thank you.”

For more information on the Silver Strike Bowling sweepstakes call the IT Sales Hotline at 800.262.0323 x 106 or visit or


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