Skill Wins Prizes at ATEI 2009

Twisted Supreme December 19, 2008 0


Instant Automatics will be showing thier brand new prize game at ATEI 2009. The idea behind the new product is you play a skill based video game to win prizes. The first game to be released on it will be a Pong style game. The main selling point of this game however is they will be releasing new games that can be easily installed when interest in the current game falls.

Speaking to Highway Games, Instance Automatics’ Ian Eason explained: “This is an amazing machine. Think of it like the late 80’s and early 90’s video games, where you bought a cabinet and then when the income from the machine dropped, you simply bought another game PCB, changed the top flash and ‘ Bang! – you had the next big money-taking machine, but with minimal costs.”

Eason added: “Operators can benefit from our machine in that they make the initial investment for the platform and then relatively small additional investments to upgrade to a new game. The upgrades can be fitted in minutes and machines easily converted on site.”

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