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Shaggy December 31, 2008 1

Last year we included pinball games into the main poll about the GOTY but I think it is probably more fair to make a separate poll for pins so they get a little more attention. This is a much smaller poll obviously, if anyone wants to include virtual pinball sets in the poll I could add them afterwards but for now I’ll just throw the proper pins on there.

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  1. Nick January 1, 2009 at 5:52 pm - Reply

    Not the best year for pinball as Stern tried to attract the casual player’s money rather than keep the home collectors happy. Indi Jones out-performed just about any recent title in terms of coin-drop, but home buyers largely decided to skip the title – maybe because Indi Jones and Batman: The Dark Knight were released in quick succession. Shrek was a re-hash of the great Family Guy but was such a limited run and never quite lived up to it’s predecessor. So from the list it has to be Batman for me.
    I had to drop one back to a retailer after the UK Pinball Show and managed to make excuses and keep it for a few days. I used to buy every new Stern machine but I try to be a bit more sensible these days.
    Keep up the great work guys and more pinball stuff please! Cheers, Nick.

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