A look back at professional gaming and how it got it's start in arcades

Shaggy January 14, 2009 0

The Kansas City News has posted a fairly long and fascinating article about professional gaming and it deals stevesandersmostly with Twin Galaxies and how the professional gaming circuit initially got it’s start back in the Golden Age of arcades. While the article occasionally touches on the players we have heard much about before, such as Billy Mitchell, it primarily focuses on the life of Steve Sanders, the current record holder for Joust doubles. I always find it interesting to read about other players who were/still are a contender on some great arcade classic but this article certainly stepped up to the plate with taking a look at professional gaming as a whole while integrating the narrative of one particluar player into the story. Hit the link below for the full article. (Photo credit: Peter Rugg)

[Life after arcades for Steve Sanders – Kansas City News] [Discuss on the Forum]

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