Some more details on H2Overdrive (including a release date)

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We saw Raw Thrills’ and Specuilar Interactive’s new H2Overdrive at ATEI a few weeks ago (and we even captured some video of the game in action) but it’s hard not to want to see more of the game. Fortunately, the game’s developer Specular has updated their website to include more information on the game itself, along with more screenshots to drool over.

As far as details goes, the game will include 7 tracks, 9 boats (each with different hull designs you can upgrade to

One of the levels

One of the levels

of course), up to 8-players when linked and more. There are two kinds of attacks you can use against other players called “MegaHull” and “HullCrusher” although how they work exactly I am not sure.  They also say that the game will be available in May of this year so mark your calendars and if you want an arcade near you to pick it up, start bugging them now (which we should all do for every game we want them to get 😉 ).

More to see over at Specular Interactive.

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