Storm-G, Sega’s latest amusement attraction game ride

Shaggy February 17, 2009 2



If there is one thing Sega loves, it’s making arcade titles that are also amusement rides in and of themselves. They are continuing this trend with their latest offering called Storm-G, a bobsledding game “of the future” where you can reach high speeds and the seat can spin around in 360° on one axis. The unit uses two joysticks and can seat two people in one unit, which are labelled as “SG-360”, probably a homage of sorts to the old R360. The in-game graphics look excellent and while there is no indication of it, I wonder if this will be one of the first games to use the new Ringwide or Ringedge hardware (whichever it is supposed to be called).

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8 of these will be installed at Sega’s Joypolis in Tokyo, and I imagine it will be made available to other amusement parks down the line.

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    dear sir i`m looking for some company who sale strom-g i will buy 4 pcs

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