Arcade games owned by Michael Jackson going up on the auction block

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[Thanks to Phil on the forums for the tip]

I’m a few days late on this but it’s still newsworthy. Michael Jackson will be auctioning off his rather impressive collection of arcade games on April 24th in California, via Julien’s Auctions. They are auctioning off a lot of other non-arcade related stuff too but there is enough arcade stuff there that they get a whole day to themselves. Some notable arcade titles in there: The Sega R360, Galaxy Force, Rush 2049, Jumbo Safari, Super Street Fighter II, Crazy Taxi High Roller, The Simpsons, HipHop Mania Complete Mix 2, X-Men, Guitar Freaks, Dig Dug, Crystal Castles, Donkey Kong, Mocap Boxing, Dance Dance Revolution and much more. Strangely, he does not have an arcade copy of Moonwalker in the collection.  

There are also some pinball games to be bought, from the Simpsons Pinball Party, to Star Trek The Next Generation and Terminator 3 to the first Indiana Jones pin. He also has some kiddie rides and life-size figurines of comic book characters (including an unusual Michael Jackson as Batman figure) that will be on the auction block so overall you could easily start your own cool arcade if you picked up all of this stuff.

Check out the arcade catalog for the auction here.

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