A few more details on Taito's Elevator Action Death Parade

Shaggy March 7, 2009 1

rs_elevator_6A Japanese fan site that is dedicated to light-gun titles has posted a detailed preview of Taito’s upcoming game, Elevator Action: Death Parade and with it, a few more details on how the game is turning out. From what I can garner from the text, they state that the storyline is similar to Resident Evil, with some bad guy creating monsters from biological experiments. The two main characters are named Zack and Irina, two federal agents attempting to stop the evil doers from unleashing whatever plan it is they have in store. If you have played either of the previous Elevator Action games then you know that in those games you played as spies who ran through buildings collection secret documents so it is looking like they are taking this game in a completely different direction (beyond adding the light-gun factor to it). Each player gets 12 shots a clip and the guns look pretty cool and they include a red button on the back of the casing although it’s not clear what that is used for. The reviewer does state that the production version of this game is likely going to be quite different than what was shown at AOU so we’ll have to wait until this summer to see the direction in which Taito is going to take this revamp of one of their classic titles.

The website below also happens to have more details on a few other light-gun games seen at the show, including Taito’s Music Gungun and Haunted Museum as well as more stuff on Namco’s Razing Storm (where they mention that there was about a 30 min wait to play that game)

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